Westfield London has played an important role in stimulating wider investment into the White City Opportunity Area. The Westfield London expansion is part of an ambitious £8 billion regeneration of White City, following the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham designating it as an Opportunity Area.

As part of the planning permission for the extended Centre and residential, Westfield London will directly contribute £24 million to support infrastructure and the successful development of the Opportunity Area, through improvements to education, skills and public realm as well as the provision of affordable housing.

Westfield London’s presence and scale has given confidence to other investors, stimulating multi-million pound investments into the local area. A range of strategic partners – from Stanhope to St James and Imperial College – are building on Westfield London’s success for the area and have become long-term investors in the White City area.

With these partners, the Westfield London Jobs and Training Panel has become the White City Jobs and Training Panel leveraging in other partners, businesses and employment agencies to deliver even greater impact.

The public realm in White City has improved significantly since Westfield London opened, which has seen pedestrian routes improved, alongside new green spaces and shops emerging. This public realm will grow as the area is developed.

Some of the projects also coming forward in parallel to the Westfield London expansion include:

Stanhope’s transformation of the BBC Television Centre into a mixed use development including office and studio space for the BBC, complementary entertainment and leisure facilities, public open space, offices, housing and a hotel.

Imperial College London creating White City Campus – the College’s new 25-acre research and innovation campus in White City.

St James Group Ltd  redevelopment of the M&S Warehouse site to create 1,500 new homes and a new public park for White City.