Westfield London is changing.

Delivering over 740, 000 sq ft of new retail space including a new 230,000 sq ft John Lewis store to west London, the extension will continue Westfield London’s transformative impact on the local area. The new department store alone is expected to be a major attraction for customers, adding to the millions of UK and tourist shoppers who visit Westfield London annually. Alongside the major enhancements to Westfield London, the expansion will deliver significant benefits in numerous ways to the Borough and adjoining areas.

Launching in March 2018, the expansion which will deliver new retail, leisure, community and much needed housing to the area.

Watch the video here which takes you on the exciting journey of our expansion plans including a fly through of the new development.

The development includes

  • 61,840 sq m of retail space in the form of an extension to Westfield London and John Lewis’ first west London four-level department store
  • 8,170 sq m of space for restaurants and cafes
  • 2,065 sq m of office space
  • 3,500 sq m of leisure facilities
  • 1,600 sq m of community space
  • 1,522 new homes, including affordable homes
  • Plans to help deliver 8,000 new jobs